Empowering the decision making

Research Consultancy

Offers a wide range of research services within two types of research “Customized Research” and “Ongoing & Retailing Research”.

Customized Research

At Integrated Marketing Solutions (IMS), we have always understood and appreciated the power of knowledge and the significance of well-tailored market researches; we come with 20 years of experience in the Egyptian and Gulf market to provide our clients with the optimal research solutions that fit their exact needs and to facilitate the aspects of their daily decision-making. Our sampling techniques are unique due to the depth of knowledge and the expertise of multiple industries, as well our expertise in conducting market studies that serve as a foundation for feasibility studies is unparalleled in both the B2B and B2C markets,


We can help! By offering customized research studies and integrated solutions, we help companies and brands:

  • Strategize well and take calculated business decisions
  • Optimize the brand strategy & positioning through brand equity assessments and tracking
  • Understand the preferences, buying patterns and needs of customers
  • Identify new business opportunities for expansion
  • Pinpoint problems in the current business model
  • Identify, test and launch new product ideas to develop better product configurations (innovate with impact)
  • Achieve customer satisfaction and suitably evaluate success
  • Polish your messages & communications and test your campaigns



New Product/ Concept Testing:
Assessing the acceptance of a new product/concept among the selected target market, as well identifying the key attributes of likeability, price sensitivity, recommendations of improvement to reach the optimum formula.


Marketing / PR Campaign Assessment:
In order to evaluate the overall effectiveness of marketing / PR campaigns and the efficiency of media channels integration and its impact on the advertised brands, Pre-Campaign & post Campaign comparative assessments are a necessity.


Brand Equity Assessment:
Measuring the comparative brand awareness, and associations, perceived quality and brand loyalty are key ingredients for all brand strategies and communication plans.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
Evaluating the products and services supplied by the company and if they meet or surpass the customer expectations.


Usage & Attitude Studies (U&A):
Provides insights about the frequency of product use and purchase, attitudes towards merchandise in terms of key strengths and weaknesses & features and benefits, need assessment, determinants of quality. Also questions relating to the respondents attitudes towards the brand selling the product in terms of loyalty & brand image are addressed.


Target Identification & Consumer Profiling:
Either precedes market entry for better targeting and profiling or identifies current core clientele to redirect the client base and focus on more profitable market segments. This study creates profiles of our current or aspired for clientele based on demographic attributes &/or lifestyle to create the best marketing mix strategies & communication messages.


Best Use Studies (Location Assessment):
Provides accurate information about the current usage of land in a specific zone, main competing buildings, details of each building type & offerings, services within area with the objective of identifying the gaps in supply and recommend possible usage of land.


Supply & Demand Studies (Market Size & Shares):
Provides an overview of how the industry operates the size of the demand (desire, ability & willingness to pay) for this type of product and the amount and nature of supply (Exports/Imports to market, main players & distribution norms).


Export Readiness Studies:
Whether you are a new business, new to exporting, or want to expand your exports, our export readiness studies assess and guides you to the appropriate Markets and market penetration techniques.

Ongoing & Retailing Research

With the growing competitiveness of the economy, having apt knowledge about the daily concerns and dynamic preferences of your customers has become a critical component of any business’s day- to- day decision making.

Ongoing research is the best way to continually keep a finger on the pulse of the market: tracking new & growing trends, understanding the intrinsic factors that affect your business, elevating your performance, all with the objective of maintaining a competitive edge & increasing your customer satisfaction.

We, at Solutions Consulting (SC), understand the importance of continuous market research; we come with 20 years of experience and knowledge in the Egyptian market to provide our clients with the optimal research solutions needed to facilitate your daily decision making.


Our Featured Research Services


Mystery Shopping Services:
We help our clients back track, in secrecy and with finesse, the total experience they (or their competition) offer to their customers be it about the product, the service, the overall quality, the personnel and/ or the operations.The Mystery Shopping is particularly of interest to all businesses with front office operations that caters directly to the customers.


Price Audits & Product Availability :
Armed with market intelligence, companies can compete effectively. Price their products market by market, store by store, SKU by SKU, as well they can make sure of the availability and shelf space of the key merchandize at selected markets.
This service is of particular interest to all brand owners, vendors, and key distributors in multiple B2C industries.


Field & Tab Services
Data collection & tabulation requires accuracy, integrity and qualified resources.
We pride ourselves with the accuracy of the data we collect, the integrity & reach of our field team and the consistency of our reporting methods.


Ongoing Research Support:
Keeping track of a company’s performance, keeping an eye on the competition and keeping a thumb on the heart beat of the market would allow your company to recognize the market dynamics, spot the new market trends, and lay down the plans and take the necessary actions to remain the customer’s number one preference and their brand of choice.