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Integrated Marketing Solutions provides world-class Marketing consultancy; through its three business units: Marketing Consultancy, Strategic Business Planning, Customized Research and Ongoing and Retailing Research; coaching clients to drive their markets through marketing strategy and planning, ongoing strategy and marketing support, marketing research and market studies, strategic brand management, pricing strategy as well as mystery shopping and price audit. In addition we are well known for our flagship solutions in Corporate Strategy, business planning, and feasibility studies.

With 20 years of success in Egypt, Solutions Consulting has the pride to serve clients in different industries and various business fields through successful partnerships.

Companies deliver their products or render their services in exchange for monetary payment from their customers. Marketing, in our vision, is creating as many opportunities as possible for these profitable exchanges to happen, and to be repeated again and again. Marketing requires research to understand the market and its needs, priorities, and behaviors. It requires a strategic approach and proper planning for market entry and penetration. It requires the best marketing and sales calibers the company can afford, organized in a structure that supports the strategy. And it also requires precision in the execution of the planned communication strategies and demand stimulation through partners in the value chain.

It is our purpose to help companies realize the full profit potential of their offerings (products and services) through efficient and effective marketing. We have accumulated experience and knowledge in the Egyptian market to provide our clients with the optimum strategies and tactics they need to achieve their growth objectives. Our consulting expertise covers the whole spectrum of marketing and sales. Our scopes of services comprise Strategic Business Planning, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Ongoing Strategy and Marketing Support, Marketing Research and Market Studies, Strategic Brand Management, as well as mystery shopping and price audits. In each area, we have contributed to the effectiveness of our clients in different ways, but ultimately our purpose is very simple: to impress and delight each and every client.

At Solutions Consulting (SC), we offer integrated solutions with customized strategic thinking. We believe that strategies, plans and tactics should be fact-based, actionable and with a keen eye on the future.


Marketing audits, financial analysis & market researches help us gain insight into the markets of interest and the companies we serve.


Weighting the risks, managing uncertainties and thinking for the future.


We deeply believe in the attainability of our strategies and initiatives, where we balance out the current structures, resources and capabilities of an organization with the aspired vision to realize and the needs of the markets served.

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